About Us

Flow Independent Financial Planning is an independent advice practice looking after the affairs of individuals, families and small businesses. We provide advice across a wide range of services including investments, pensions, protection and estate planning. All our advice is underpinned by financial planning which we do for each of our clients putting them at the centre of everything we do. Our clients pay us fees for our advice and by being independent, this allows us to work for them, making them better informed and in control through translating complex jargon-filled financial issues in to plain speaking.

Through building a tailored plan based on our clients values, aspirations and goals we help our clients along their pathway to financial independence and wellness.

At Flow Independent Financial Planning we pride ourselves on the close working relationships that we build with our clients. When you are going to share information about your life and finances over a number of years, trusting the people you work with is very important and therefore we are always open and honest and we know that our clients value our integrity.


Want to know more?

Call us for a friendly chat on 01727 884681
Or contact us directly: Tim –  tim@flowifp.co.uk / 07802 503136
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